Great Wolf Lodge Party

We have done 2 Great Wolf Lodge Sleepover Parties because they are so fun!! We invited 3-4 friends and got one of the large connecting rooms.  We picked the room with the bunk beds the first time and just a regular double Queen and connecting room the second time since Brooklyn was bigger and wanted to bring more friends.

The first year we did a Forest Animal theme and the second time we did a Fox theme.  Brooklyn loves Foxes.

We got all the guests the Wolf pass which includes all the activities including the Build A Bear, Wand, Candy and Ropes activity and the water park.  

The first time I got the food pass as well and that was not worth it for us.  The second time we just got the whole pizza at the pizza place in the water park.



For the Fox Party, each girl got a custom personalized Fox Starbucks Cup and a personalized Fox towel along with a makeup bag with candy and makeup.  

For the Woodland Animal party each girl got a Deer Onies and a Wolf Robe along with candy, sleep mask and a travel toothbrush.  

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